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Post  June on Mon Dec 08, 2008 8:47 am

Anyone found breaking this set rules will be banned from this section of the site, the extent or length of the ban is completely up to the R&F Administrators and Moderators and they reserve their own right to do so. The Following rules are set in no particular order.

Senseless Jibberish or pointless posting will not be tolerated.

Only Mild language is to be used throughout this website, remember, young users visit this site too.

No Virtual or Real Scams are aloud to be held at this Site, any attempts to scam a member of our community will result in a Permanent IP Ban for the Offender.

No Written or Visual Posts may contain any form of adult material that would be considered to be unsuitable for anyone below the age of 12.

Members may not break the rules set by, please visit them to view their TOS.

Members may not break the rules set by Dormains, please visit them to viw their TOS.

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